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Home Internet Services:
  Apartment - $44.98
  Advanced - $54.98/Mo
  Rural - $64.98/Mo
Business Services:
  Business - $64.98/Mbps/Mo
  Bulk/Greek - $15/Account/Mo
Apartment Service ( $44.98/Mo )

Our Apartment service is for members who provide their own equipment. This can be a Laptop, PDA or WiFi Modem.

Freenet members who live near one of our WiFi access points can access the Internet using any WiFi enabled device. This includes Laptop computers, Desktop computers, PDA devices or even WiFi enabled VoIP phones.

This service is also available to members who live in single family homes that are close to one of our WiFi access points, however, we strongly recommend that our members use a high quality WiFi modem.

Members who use this service connect directly to the Freenet WiFi network. This allows users to roam freely within the City under Wicked Broadband coverage area. As long as you are close to one of our 500+ wireless hotspots, you will have access to the Internet.

To access this network, supporters can simply open up their Wireless Management Software and select the network "FreenetPremium".